Our Company

Cycling Mountains IILexaria Energy is a U.S. company utilizing patent-pending technology and knowhow created by a PhD-educated health care practitioner and a world-class athlete and coach, who developed a remarkable process to provide a more comforting and effective process of delivering the goodness within full spectrum hemp oil into the body. Their underlying passion to help people understand the many Superfood properties of hemp is contagious and transcends everything that Lexaria Energy does.

We subsequently created familiar sports nutrition products that harness the remarkable properties of full spectrum hemp oil so that those who expect the highest performance of themselves can surpass their own expectations.

Lexaria Energy is dedicated to improving athletic performance and conditioning for serious athletes and for people who take their activities seriously. Full spectrum hemp oil has numerous Superfood qualities and is known to help offset many of the detracting effects of exercise and intense physical training. Each of our products is specially formulated with the goodness of full spectrum hemp oil together with all-natural sources of protein, fiber and energy to help you improve your ability to FOCUS, PERFORM and RECOVER when active for a more efficient and effective training routine.

We care about everyone who works at Lexaria Energy; we care about our community; and we care about our customers. As part of our philosophy we contribute part of our profits to our profit sharing plan that every single one of our employees can benefit from. We believe that when you share with and care for the people you work with, they share their greatness with you too.

Lexaria Energy is wholly owned subsidiary of a US food sciences company Lexaria Corp. Lexaria Corp. is establishing a Lexaria Charitable Giving Policy that will devote a predefined portion of all health and wellness profits to North Americans with medical needs – because we want to help people feel well. By purchasing Lexaria Energy products and helping us to succeed, you are actually helping others around you in their quests for health and wellness. To start, Lexaria Corp. will donate $50,000 of every $1,000,000 in annual Lexaria Energy profits to medical/health organizations closely aligned with our philosophies.

So every time we sell a Lexaria Energy product, we become more deeply involved in our community as we work together to bring peace and comfort to ourselves and to each other.

Our Products

runningOur products are designed to help harness the incredible power of the human endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a part of the nervous system that plays a critical role in controlling how well the body responds to and overcomes mental and physical stress and strain associated with intense physical exercise. Our products are designed to act upon this system to improve your potential.

Our underlying technology has been laboratory tested and shown to enable enhanced cannabinoid absorption in human intestinal tissue for greater effectiveness. Potent delivery of the cannabinoids found in full spectrum hemp oil is the key to how our products act for maximum effect.

Our technology has shown a 499% increase in cannabinoid bioabsorption in third-party in vitro laboratory testing compared to controls that lacked our proprietary formulation and process. No other manufacturer can make this claim because no one else has done it!

Full spectrum is important on other levels too. It also means that trace amounts of other hemp compounds are present, allowing them to work synergistically. Full spectrum means you get trace amounts of fatty acids – including Omega 3 & 6 – amino acids, and even some vitamins, carotene and more!

Our food products are manufactured and tested with pride in the U.S.A. All Lexaria Energy products are tested multiple times prior to release, and contain NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS or PRESERVATIVES because we care about your long term health. We manufacture in small batches so our products are always fresh and delicious.

There is also NO ADDED SUGAR in our protein energy bars, except for a small amount added to our blueberries. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use unhealthy artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients of any kind because we understand you quest for healthy eating. And our bars are GLUTEN FREE.

We have two flavors of bars to start, each using our patent pending absorption technology, but formulated slightly differently. One is designed for earlier in the day, and the other for later in the day – although they are so revolutionary you will enjoy either of them, anytime!